Day 44 – pleased and disgruntled

23:34 Just a mini update here.

Accomplished a lot today. Including a fairly large favour for a neighbour. And got smokin’ deal on an outdoor dining table and chairs, which is another long-time thing off the to-do list. Yippee! I’d been waiting for it to come down in price since last year. For me this will be a symbol that instead of spending my time only lying around in the sun drinking flutes of bubbly when the weather gets nice and the social visits by family, friends and neighbours increase, I will focus the social times around outdoor meals and/or crafty activities and board games with the kids. At least, that’s my little dream. Not making promises but putting it out there into the universe.

Did not manage to stay off social media, though greatly reduced from yesterday. Posted something I thought was hilarious but of course only two likes. My sense of humour is very strange and unpopular. However, I stand by my silly post. When I posted it, it took less than 5 minutes total including image creation, captioning and hashtagging, and I believe that’s truly how social media is at it’s best. Sharing strange and silly creative thoughts and ideas but NOT spending hours sharing them to perfection. And the likes were from two awesome people so hey, perfect.

One thing I really can’t stand is Instagram messaging. It’s just such a clunky non-user-friendly interface. Someone I care about responded to the “sorry I’m clueless” message I sent as a reply to an ages-old-IG-message of hers that I had missed, and she said, kindly, something to the effect of “truly, but we can all learn.” I have to admit it hurt. I felt like that assumed that I actually wanted to learn but couldn’t. But what if I choose not to? What is worth learning? We can also choose priorities. If I spend my free time trying to stay relevant, and up to date with every latest social media private messaging method, when email is still the best way over all, my god, my life will be irrelevant. I choose a relevant life rather than a relevant social media presence. (Tomorrow I’ll be instagramming that lol.)

I had no urge to drink today, just like most others days. Hubster drank his usual Friday night beers and served dinner (his turn) at 21:00. Normally we aim to eat at 19:00 (local standard is 20:00). I go off-schedule often, because that sort of thing seems more in my nature, for example yesterday I served dinner at 18:00, but hubster’s like a military clock normally. Funny how alcohol makes us less worried about time and schedules. And the kids were on their screens so of course they didn’t badger him since they know that after dinner it’s bedtime.

Yesterday after school till bedtime, and today after school for the first two hours, I did no screens for the the youngest three and I have to say it was hell. They did their best to change my mind by having a hyena-laughter wrestling match on the sofa. But I know from past experience that it takes about three days before the kids accept it and start to learn how to play normally again. Still, I’m taking it easy a bit on myself. Early days yet. One day at a time, one thing at a time. And I did accomplish a lot today. Also my youngest two kids made some really need crafts today with the craft supply box I gave them years ago. One made a robotic hand with cardboard and straws which he learned from youtube, and the other made a crazy-wild popsicle-stick art house. So I guess it wasn’t actually all hell. But sometimes even 20 minutes of hyena wrestling matches can make it seem that way.

Still loving my sobriety and the ease with which I have embraced it this time around.

Hugs hugs hugs and yawwwwnnnnnn and stretchy facial exercises for droopy eyelids



p.s. okay it wasn’t mini. never is, if I start by saying it will be, right at the beginning. okay, just never is, period.  another thing to work on…. in the meantime, nighty night from Europe :))

p.p.s. forgot to say why I was disgruntled. and now I can’t remember….



9 thoughts on “Day 44 – pleased and disgruntled

  1. Ha! See, just blogging got you un-disgruntled! I love that you are limiting screen time. I told my kid that he can’t game unless he gets good grades, plays sports and gets a good nights sleep. So he does, and still games. Oh well, it’s his eyesight and brain. I told him he doesn’t know how to be bored. He told me he would just be building legos so what’s the difference? I can’t win. Lol.

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    1. That’s exactly it hd! It got me un-disgruntled! 😀 Parenting is so so hard. It sounds like you’re doing an awesome job. We have huge piles of lego too. And right now I have to give my husband credit. While I sit on my rear end typing this message he was helping them solder diy tetris kits. Pretty cool… they are playing with their own self-crafted games.

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  2. I love sharing strange and silly thoughts and usually when I do, ( on Facebook ) I usually get the least likes. To me, it was brilliant and funny! Ah well like you said the ones that liked it, must get my humor. I’m glad for your ease this time with sobriety! Awesome! I still struggle and mess up here and there but overall I have made SO MUCH progress. 🙂 Your posts help a lot! 🙂

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    1. Oh you are so kind Jacquelyn! You just made my day! and thanks for the vote of solidarity about the strange and silly thoughts. so I guess we’re not alone then! 🙂 xoxo 🙂


  3. ❤ 🙂 I laughed ST when I clicked on your "mini" update. 😂

    "p.s. okay it wasn’t mini. never is, if I start by saying it will be, right at the beginning. okay, just never is, period. another thing to work on…. in the meantime, nighty night from Europe :))
    p.p.s. forgot to say why I was disgruntled. and now I can’t remember…."

    I swear we are sisters! We talk alike ❤️. You are so precious! Stay strong girl.
    My PS I gave up on Safari and finally found the emoji's on Chrome- so fun!

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    1. oh you are so wonderful Elizabeth. 😂 yes we must be! 😉😆❤️ about the emojis, I have no idea bout the whole chrome/safari thing, if I’m using my laptop (Mac) I hit control-command-space and a window full of options comes up. yes I love them! I am a walking Gene! 👋🤗🙌 #theemojimovie 😭👍❤️😂#iwasoneofthefewwhoadoredit 😎👯‍♀️🌈👻🤟xoxoxoxo

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