Day 45 – email down to one

23:51  can I write and publish a post in 9 minutes? Sure why not. [Edit: NOPE!] Today I tackled my email, I moved and/or replied to around 105 or so that had been building up; some involved work-related stuff, some involved long letters to family. I wrote some crazy truthful feelings (to the family not the work-related folks, thank GUG for sobriety, lol), and I don’t know if I said the right words, and/or said too much. But it was my truth in that moment. That much at least is true. So now they see my insides on the outside, life will settle the bill. Whether they like me or not afterwards, whether I was right or wrong, there we have it.

I think the most remarkable thing about sustained sobriety is the growing ability to make decisions quickly and easily, and to begin to accept myself, complete with flaws. It’s sort of like, “Universe got your back girlfriend! Just go out there and muck it up, y’olright anyway!”

So which single email remains? It’s the May issue of Literistic. Sobriety-supporting/loving writers, fellow bloggers, if you want a great lit mag submissions reference, this is it! I just love this list of lit mags and contests! Thinking of submitting to one. Haven’t done that in a year or so. I’ve never won anything but I still used to love submitting on occasion, it was great inspiration and writing practice. Maybe you should try too.

Love and sweet dreams,

xoxo st

p.s. I miscalculated! (it was 8 minutes, to get this post published by 11:59, not 9 minutes, to get it published by 00:00!) and had to backdate this publish! don’t do that with your submissions y’all! they don’t allow backdating! plan to be done at least 2 hours earlier, or better 2 days! #notestoselves 😏#ihavemissedwritingdeadlinesbefore #duetobadmathanddigitalklutziness

p.p.s. and now I’m backdating by 12 13 15 minutes because I got distracted by social media! and figuring out how to add strikethroughs in WordPress! yes I still have issues! #OCDMADNESS!!!!!!




4 thoughts on “Day 45 – email down to one

    1. Yeah it’s funny. The person to whom I admitted the truths to immediately wrote back with a heartfelt set of truths as well. Then I keep the train going, going further down the revealing path and hit send again. Just after though, I had a twinge of doubt… like I was really setting myself up for being disliked in the real world of my little life. But more and more I feel the “validity” of my own feelings… it’s still really hard, and I acknowledge that they’re “just” feelings, and only one version of reality… but as feelings in themselves, they are valid, just as valid as anyone else’s at least. Sounds obvious but for me it has been a hard truth to absorb and turn into action. Thanks SWW! xo


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