Evening 56 – the truth

I feel sad

the dropped is due the hours are blue

through and through.

I yearn for everything, but do nothing of use to me or you.

I blank this blog, I wish I never paid for it, since

that ruined my desire to continue it.

why? it does not make sense

but that is exactly how I am.

if things are looking well and good

I’m sure to mess them up again.

no matter, yore

the bar was set before.

I saw them revelling in instagram stories

I saw how boring.

was thankful not to have to bear another bar.

aching for something special to happen,

it’s just like this but different

in the morning.

I’ll be myself, as confused as ever,

but not consumed.

I have a chance of getting better.


what is this bullshit

it’s only half-truths in half-rhymes

the truth is that I need to soothe the hungry ghost

fathoms deep

in god.