Day 57 – what if

Please Tree, Esmerelda, I offer myself to You, to do with me as You will.
Release me from the bonds of ego/self, that I may better do Your will.
Take away my troubles, that those I wish to help may bear witness
to the peace
and the stillness in
your power, your love, and your way of Life.
May I do Your will always.

Dear Es, I feel a sadness still within me, it is swelling like a wave. I

learned something from childbirth: the waves may come but they will always recede. The trick is not to fight them but to ride them, ride rushing on them, become quite still. Allow your body to relax, to be as one with each overwhelming surge of power as it flows through you and around you.

Dear Self: What if you didn’t have to do anything except the next right thing? The next right thing is always simple. It’s not what others think you should do. It’s only what you know is necessary. And it’s usually something that won’t get you accolades. Why? Because simple, sensible, noble things done with a pure heart are usually infused with peace, emanating peace; they do not cause stir nor fervour. And peace is what you crave, or so you say. So sweep the floor, kiss the grass, fold the laundry, go to bed. Smile, only for yourself, as you lay your head upon your pillow, in the dark.

And remember: appreciate flattery as a possible gift of love, but never heed it nor seek it. You are only truly good if you were doing the will of Tree in your actions.

Open your heart to the message of the Tree.

Thank you Tree.

* * *

(Note: opening prayer is paraphrased from p.63 Step Three prayer in AA Big Book