Day 136 – responsibilities and reverb

07:37. Interesting to have this visitor from the urban world. A return glimpse into mass delusion surrounding the topic of alcohol. As well as other things. “Sustainability” is the buzzword. Chanel is the handbag.

I am truly living in a bubble. As are “they.” We each choose our bubble…

Yesterday, the clean and prep. Do you think I would be sensible? Just clean the visible parts of the house and have a relaxing sit-down in the afternoon? Nay never. “Think I’ll tackle all those clutter drawers today!” Crazy lady. Note to self: Why? Just why? (Because, crazy lady…)

I love T: When I threw my hands in the air, just before our guests were due, staring only at at the worn floor, the unstylish furniture, and the life still bursting through the seams, in spite of hours of work: “Look at this place! It’s a disaster!” He said, cheerfully, “It’s not a disaster. It’s a home!” And he was right.

In the evening, pouring the glass of rosé wine, as hostess. I have to say that I thought it wouldn’t affect me, but it did, especially at the end of such ridiculously self-inflicted stressful day.

Only for a few seconds though. Poured a peach Tourtel Twist for myself, kept on hand for times like these. Not a fan of those;  but it looks most like rosé, which solaced the eyes of my rosé-hound, if not the palate. Also, fast-forwarded the movie in my head. The sweet rush of endorphins at first, followed by dull headache later, wishing the night would end and trying to drink it faster to its conclusion. Which never works.

Listening to stories, heartbreaking. The visitor’s friend (someone I’ve met several times and come to care deeply about), now with young children, married to a serious and becoming-dangerous alcoholic. Her and others in his circle not wanting to “ruin his life.” “He would lose his job.”  “He is their father.”

Children are the primary responsibility.

It’s hard for people to remember that, when they are surrounded by delusional gaslighting of an alcoholic, an alcoholic’s family, and his/her friends.

To “ruin” the life of the alcoholic, by protecting the children at all other costs, could save that suffering alcoholic’s life as well. Could in fact, be the most compassionate act. One that might reverb through generations.

Children are the primary responsibility.



2 thoughts on “Day 136 – responsibilities and reverb

  1. “Sustainability” is the buzzword. Chanel is the handbag. 👈🏻😁………I need to make a better effort at checking in here first thing in the morning with my coffee ☕️

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    1. “first thing in the morning with my coffee ☕️” You mean, right after writing a post of your own! So that I can better enjoy *my* morning coffee or nighttime tea, too! 😁

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