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Hi everyone… what a gorgeous Sunday morning it is here. Sun shining, pigeons roo-cooing, and little high-noted tweety-birds, tweeting. And I’m very grateful to my husband for looking after the kids.

Anyway, this is just a quick note to share with you readers who are not blogging yet (and also those among us who are already blogging but just blindly stumbling along — myself included) a very cool resource that I had not noticed before, in WordPress.

How I found it: a while back I started (but did not continue) yet another new blog on WP. When you create a new blog, it automatically comes with a first post, which one is normally expected to edit or delete. I’m not sure if it was because of the theme I chose or what, but on this blog the first automatic post was an instructional on how to write an introduction to one’s new blog.

That was nice enough already. But the really cool thing is it contained a link to “Blogging University” — which I had not clicked when I’d first read it, ages ago, thinking it was some kind of third-party paid program. But the other day, I was  revisiting that old started-but-not-continued blog, so came across this article again, and this time I clicked the link. Turns out, it’s a free resource! And a fairly awesome one, at that.

I’d like to share it will you all… because the world needs your story. :))

Here it is:

WordPress Blogging University: “Your ideas, our guidance: a blog you can be proud of.”

Click “read more” on one of the courses -— that will bring you to the course page, where you can click the sign up button. If you already have a WordPress account, you will immediately start receiving the course via free emails.

Otherwise, just browse around the menu items on that page. Or use the “search” field at the top left of that page, to find whatever specific info you’re looking for.

Take what works for you, and leave the rest. Many bloggers do not follow a set formula, and their blogs work fine for them. Think of this as a resource to help get you unstuck, if you’re stuck… not one that will cause you to further jam the gears. ;))

If you don’t have a WP/gravatar yet, and like me, you were wiffle-waffling endlessly about what name to use and so on, you might find this other post of mine helpful, entitled: “Don’t know what to title this.”

(Omg. Just read that post back. Insider tip: never do that. What a random, disorganized, bratty and ranty ramble. How do y’all put up with me? Anyhow, much appreciated that you do. :))

Well, that wasn’t as quick a note as I’d planned it to be, but I hope it will help add more leaves to the Tree. ;))

Lotsa love,

xo n/stl

p.s. Fine print: Blogging can be addictive. It may subsume or help eliminate all other addictions, share experience and ideas, build community and perhaps even make the world a better place. Use with caution.

Day 151


16 thoughts on “WordPress blogging university – free resource

    1. Thank you! 😊 🙏
      FYI for anyone else reading here — WP Beginner targets and promotes using WordPress.org (i.e. self-hosted) rather than WordPress.com (WP/Automattic-hosted). I did try Wpbeginner but their advice didn’t work out for me personally. Since I decided to go with WordPress.com instead of self-hosted, for now — after trying both — the WordPress.com resource works better, or at least so I’ve found. Horse’s mouth and all that. 😉

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      1. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that! I use both… this account is on .com and I own a .org website that I haven’t put anything on yet because I’m still learning how to build a page that looks decent. 🙂

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        1. Oh cool, thanks for mentioning that! Ok yeah that’s the exact same problem I had. The themes just don’t look the same with .org, and what with worrying about security certificates and having to do manual updates to keep the site secure and all, I just couldn’t be bothered to focus on that end of it at this point, so I finally went back to WP.com, and was able to make a site that suited me within an hour or two.

          By the way, for anyone else interested in knowing more about keywords and/or WP.com vs WP.org, here is one perspective: https://bloomwords.com/2019/01/28/keywords-views-wordpress-help/

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  1. Thank you for sharing 😊 that’s really helpful for me, someone who writes a lot but mainly for me lol! I’d love to blog but don’t welcome the self doubt that creeps in with it 😂 with this though, at least I can furnish myself with advise in case I venture into blogging properly x

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    1. Thanks for this wonderful encouraging message! I hear you on the self-doubt front big time! I have it all the time. But, I wish everyone would blog 😁
      That said, private writing can be the most cathartic. But in public blogging we find community, if we’re lucky. Thanks again 🥰💓


    1. Yay! It was partly with you in mind that I wrote it. You’ve been a massive support to me, thank you so much, dear Jackie…💓🙏😘…and I’m super happy that you’re giving blogging a try! 😁🎉 I hope many others will as well 🤩🤓


  2. I love the PS!!! So true!! That’s one of the reasons why I have taken a BIG step back. Don’t want to blog about one addiction when creating another!! Lol!!

    This is great!! Love and hugs,
    Monsy 🥰😻🤗😘

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