7+14 – update and positive vibes

17:55. Hey guys and gals, just wanted to quickly say all is currently well (knock on wood ;)).

For those of you wondering whether to go sober or not, sobriety does get easier if you embrace it and make the decision. My number one tip is to start writing about it in a private journal (maybe digital with password protection). Start recording your feelings during and after you drink. You will start to notice patterns.

I’ve been having a creative explosion (started another blog, and doing NaNoWriMo). Marriage is good (he still drinks but moderately), still need to work on my words and social media addiction. But I have been writing about that (haha) and it’s creative, right? So hey.

I believe creativity is a great channel for addictive feelings. Instead of consuming, we’re producing. That can help others, also.

I’m getting a tad disorganized (to say the least) but I tend to operate in waves. Might stop the creative stuff to focus on that for a while, and to be quiet in my mind. (She says, biting her lip, hmmm, could she really do that. We’ll see.)

I love story time with the kids. That really used to be when I would feel impatient to get to wine time; whereas now it’s a time for me to relax and connect… with them.

Also I’ve managed to connect with Tree again (inner voice/spiritual guide/guardian angel/creative power of the universe).

Wonderful to know that connection is truly always available within us, if we quiet ourselves even for one whole minute, regardless of where we are, and feel our surroundings.

I do like to step outside, though, look at the sky, feel the temperature, hear the sounds. Sometimes I ask a question and the Tree gives me the answer.


Sending love,

and gratitude, for all your wonderful support and help. Trees are wonderful, but like-minded human support is also helpful, especially for feeling less alone in a particular mission.

xo n


~ sobrietytree.home.blog/sobrietytree.com; 7 months, 14 days

19 thoughts on “7+14 – update and positive vibes

  1. yes yes yes, I’m so glad to hear that things are going well for you Nadine !!! “Trees are wonderful, but like-minded human support is also helpful, especially for feeling less alone in a particular mission”– Maybe human support is also part of a kind of Tree ! xx I’m so glad you connected again. I am learning to remember to do so more and more and discover how it works… I feel like a small child crawling in the dark towards small chaotic glimmers of light, but imma keep crawling until I know how to gracefully walk around 🙂 Children should be taught how to do this! xxxx Anne

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    1. I agree about the Tree ;))
      And about children, and I do my best with ours :))
      And it’s the same for me about crawling around like a child, but imma keep goin’ too, like you, and thinking of you by my childish soul’s side… thank you dear Anne you’re a light. ✨✨✨✨💕💕💕💕

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