8+9 – choices

10:34. the morning here is gorgeous. like a calm after the storm. I live with my family in the countryside; it’s far from many resources but that’s by choice; nature is church and therapy.

I will share a piece of it with you today. most of the trees have blown off their leaves. just before that there was a sudden wild show of orange flaming across the land. I’m amazed at how the colours change so fast.

there was thick frost on the windshield. one pot of hot water wasn’t enough. our breath puffing in the van.

in the morning we still walk around the lake before school. the boys argue sometimes and then switch to mischievous camaraderie.

I can allow myself to slip into nostalgia for good old times that never truly were the way I cast them, or I can choose to see what is right here in front of me. sky, puy, lake, child, Tree.



20 thoughts on “8+9 – choices

      1. Hey Nadine,
        Didn’t see a contact me on your site so posting here. I’ve got someone I follow at
        https://gettingsobergal.home.blog. I believe she goes by the name of Axalea. She’s trying to get sober after 20 years. She tried getting sober a year ago and then started drinking again. If you feel inclined please send her your support.

        Thank you,

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        1. Thanks Dwight so much for sharing this, and may anyone else reading here hopefully send support to Axalea as well. I have a few household things I need to sort out here but will be there as soon as I can. Thanks again Dwight
          xo Nadine

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          1. In spite of what I just said about getting household stuff done first (yet another failed announcement on my part! 😅) I have now left a couple of fragmented comments in my usual klutzy way over at gettingsobergal’s blog. (they don’t show yet, they are awaiting moderation 😎). Thanks again Dwight, agreed, you are awesome. As are you Elizabeth. 💖

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  1. “I can allow myself to slip into nostalgia for good old times that never were…..” Oh, I love this line. Love them all but that’s my favorite. Love you, too.😘

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    1. Ha! Ignorance is bliss I guess. Have done for the past decade of winters without issue… have a feeling though that the next time I do it, this new knowledge may fissure the luck…. guess I’ll make sure my kids do it instead. They don’t know yet. ;)) 😆

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  2. woooow – I can almost taste that crisp French countryside air! Even that word “puy” (as in “puy du fou”, “puy de Dôme”, etc.) strikes up multiple associations as I imagine it written on a signpost somewhere (if that’s how you were using it?) 🙂 xxx Here too the leaves have fallen. I had meant to paint a picture of the Fall foliage, but now that it has all fallen, I will have to do it from memory, or just let it go and turn to the beauty of the winter scenes 🙂 xxx Anne

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