8+30 – simple pleasures… cough remedy…

09:12. Last night, went to bed early-ish for once; relieved that all xmas festivities and obligations were done. I do enjoy it at some level, but happy it’s finished.

T stayed up late watching Netflix (The Witcher, egads) with the older boys. I woke up when they went to bed, just after midnight, and a coughing fit started. I’ve had a cold this past week. I don’t get colds often, knock on wood; but this one’s been a bit of a doozy.

So as not to bother T with all the coughing, I got up, went downstairs, happy I did as well, since the wood stove had not been restocked and would have gone out by morning. This is our only heat in the house. Put the kettle on, put a few more logs on and slid the dampers down to low.

Made myself a cup of herb tea. Lemon ginger this time…

A lovely cough remedy…

Make a mug of herb tea or homemade lemon drink (tastes like Nyquil but without the chemical side-effects: juice from half a lemon, boiling water, bit of honey or agave nectar).

Sit somewhere cozy and comfy with the warm mug in hands… hold the mug directly under nose and mouth… breathing the vapour in… very soothing.

No need for the bucket/bowl-and-towel extravaganza… far less hassle, more comfort, and the best part is once it has sufficiently cooled, you can drink it…

That was perhaps the most present I’d been all day.

Such a moment of pure enjoyment… all by myself… no chance of interruption at this time of night… cosy on the sofa, just sitting, inhaling the steam…. then sipping the soothing liquid till all the warmth was inside of me. Then back to sleep. No coughing.

Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way… these are always wonderful to read throughout the day. I can’t always reply immediately, when I see the notification come in… but I appreciate every one, very much… each is heart-warming.

So thanks again… also for your blogs… sending love. 

xo n/stl

(8 months + 30 days alcohol-free)



Nts 2020-01-09: wrote this Dec 26 but it remained in drafts folder, likely due to last-minute interruptions… publishing it now…

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