9+4 – hearts full of cheer, in the new year

18:19. Welll… New Year’s Eve eh. I have to admit, I’d be well into my Crémant de Limoux (budget bubbly) by now, in NYE’s past —

— ack, interruption. Story of my life during the “holidays.” Gotta go…

But. I want to tell you, that I’m drinking NA mimosas (fresh-squeezed OJ with sparkling water and a hint of ginger), working through some stuff… it’s not all peachy, but I know for a fact it would not be —


Private notes to self (wink wink): I was going to say it would *not* be better with a bottle of bubbly. But tbh, I’m not so sure.

That’s where I’m at right now. NYE depresses me. I feel like a failure. It’s the comparison game. Others are having a smashing time, looking smashing, complimenting each other on their joint awesomeness —

— oh yeah. It’s just the same as being sober (what with this awesome WP crew ;)). Except, you get a hangover. Pass on the booze.


Back to public ;)): All good. Herb tea, snuggles and a movie with the fam, later bang some pots and pans…

…and sobriety-loving smiles it is.

Thanks in huge part to you folks. You’re seriously the best. I feel like we give each other all those good vibes we sought from the toxic stuff.

Lots of love, and happy old/new year. May tomorrow be filled with hearts full of cheer. 🌿 ❤️🎉

xo n/stl

p.s. just entered the title — and realized I’m at 9 months alcohol-free yo!!!! 9 months and 4 days to be exact!!! Not too bad, eh! *There’s* something to cheer about. Going to be banging pots and pans hard core at midnight. 😉🎊👯‍♂️💃🏼🎸



(Nts: 2020-01-09 made private soon after posting… now public again… thanks Anne :))

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