Today is the day that counts for the whole world

Hi everyone. Voting Day in America is today, Tuesday November 3. If you’re a US citizen, please do this very necessary thing, for the future of democracy, if you haven’t already: GO VOTE. Find where to vote, in the below-linked post, or simply click here:

[music video: Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up (Live at Munich, 1980) – such great lyrics]

Maybe we’re…

click to read more: Stand up… and vote. — reblog via Bloomwords (WP Reader link: here).

Sending much love.

p.s. I know haven’t been around WP much… I had some severe anxiety I needed to take good care of, and being socially offline, though it took awhile to adjust, seems to be helping with that. Also: Herb tea rocks, as does getting good things done, engaging with the local community (mostly during neighbourhood walks), and 50-cent sales at second-hand book shops. Still, I feel there are important times to online-speak one’s mind… and this is one of those most important times.

Thank you so much for being here now, and for all you do to make the world a better place. 🤟🍵💛

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