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The kids all made it onto the school bus today and I am beyond thrilled. That’s about all I have to say. Oh yes except also: thanks Jackie. And everyone else supportive of my total randoms. You are amazing. And one other thing, which my middle-of-the-night blogging anxieties probably didn’t make clear: sobriety (though I still dislike the word) is a clear, beautiful choice for me. I know from experience that it doesn’t make my life much smoother, but it hands me new upgraded problems, I think, and makes me handle them in a way that I am more proud of, or in line with, afterwards. I have done some odd creative things while sober, odd enough that I can suspect myself of having been drunk, but the beauty of those things is I don’t feel true shame in myself over any of them, because I was drunk on creative energy, and not on fermented grapes. I might suffer from anxiety over them, yes; anxiety that people will judge them without knowing the whole story, anxiety that people will think I was crazy, or I don’t know what else. But not shame. I know what I did, and I did it in my right mind. At least, without any toxic substances (other than coffee, if we’re going to count that) added. And I did them honestly. Though I might have hidden my name I didn’t hide who I was. So hurrah for that.

That reminds me of a blogger I once read on wordpress, Hurrah for Coffee. Just brilliant writing. Was a long time ago. But some of the best bloggers out there are the sober ones… I love that also. Grateful to all of them for the inspo.

Thanks again, and much love to y’all.

xoxo N

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  1. Good luck with your journey. I get upset that even though I’m sober I get to feel like I have a week-long hangover every month due to PMDD. But it is teaching me things about myself that I never would’ve discovered when I was drinking the symptoms away.

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    1. Thank you so much Ingrid… I vaguely remember those days… and waves. Though I enjoyed much of them, I had menopause at age 42, and was glad for that also. But that meant some other challenging changes too, along with some of the typical events of midlife. And like you say, discoveries are best realized/appreciated when they’re not being drunk away.

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  2. I remember Hurrah for Coffee!! Yes, her writing was wonderful. I think I’ve been drunk on creative energy myself- and it feels freaking great. As far as what anyone thinks? Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter! (not mine, I think I heard that in AA a long time ago🤔 )

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    1. That is awesome Elizabeth. I was reflecting along the same lines today when I went for a short walk. Is always good to get outside for a bit, puts things into perspective. Thank you so much, lovely!

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